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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Operating Systems Is Secure Updater Compatible With?

Secure Updater is compatible with the most current Windows operating system.  Mac and Linux are not compatible.

Why Is My Secure Updater Icon Black And Saying It Can't Communicate With The Server?

There may be a new version of Secure Updater available.  Please restart your computer and if a new version is available, Secure Updater will install it for you automatically.  Remember to check to make sure you are connected to the internet and that your firewall is not blocking Secure Updater.

Why Does My Antivirus Program Say Secure Updater May Not Be Safe?

Secure Updater has been tested with all major anti-virus programs.  Some free anti-virus programs (like Avast or AVG) will see that Secure Updater wants to silently install programs on your computer. Some viruses operate in a similar fashion, except for installing security updates they install malicious programs instead.  If your anti-virus program has a problem with Secure Updater, please white-list or add a permanent exception for Secure Updater so it can do its job.

Secure Updater can be completely removed at any time by simply uninstalling it and contains no malware, spyware, or viruses.

Can I Choose Which Programs Are Updated Automatically?

Yes. After you install Secure Updater you will notice a small icon in the taskbar by your clock with the letter U in it. Right-click on the icon and then left-click on Select Programs to Update.

All supported applications that are installed on your computer are automatically set to download updates. To disable a program, simply remove the checkmark next to it. Secure Updater will skip that program and update the others.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Secure Updater?

Yes. Everything this application does from confirming your subscription to downloading updates requires an Internet connection. If you are asking this question how are you even on this page anyway?

Are There Plans To Support My Favorite Programs?

We are constantly adding new programs for Secure Updater to monitor and silently update.  Secure Updater only updates free programs (not Windows or Adobe Photoshop for example).

If you have a program on your computer that you would like to see included in Secure Updater’s list of supported programs, please Contact Us and let us know what you would like to see.

Can I Call You For Help Installing Or Using Secure Updater?

We do not provide direct telephone support for Secure Updater, but our resellers do.  If you can’t get the answer you need from the shop that installed Secure Updater on your computer, or you installed it directly from our website, please submit a support request on our Contact Page.

We are very fast to respond and can escalate to a phone call if needed.

Why Does Secure Updater Keep Reinstalling A Program That I Uninstall?

Secure Updater installs updates for any programs that are selected in the Select Programs to Update Securely screen.  If you uninstall a program that Secure Updater is set to update, it will reinstall it on the next scan.

To stop Secure Updater from reinstalling a program, right-click on Secure Updater icon in the taskbar and left-click on Select Programs to Update option.  Uncheck the program you wish to remove and it will not be reinstalled automatically.

Note that if you ever do want to reinstall the program you removed you will have to manually re-check the box so Secure Updater will start updating it again.

Does Secure Updater Take The Place Of My Anti-Virus Software?

No. Secure Updater works hand in hand with your anti-virus software to help keep your computer and data safe. Many viruses sneak past your anti-virus software by exploiting outdated third-party software vulnerabilities. Once inside your computer, they disable your anti-virus and deliver their payload.

Secure Updater helps close those vulnerabilities by silently and automatically updating many third-party programs so your anti-virus software can continue to do its job.

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