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How It Works

The best security is invisible security.

Secure Updater works hand-in hand with your anti-virus software to dramatically improve the security of your PC. Whether you know it or not, you have several third-party programs on your computer. Programs like Skype, Dropbox, Flash and Java get security patches all the time, but many users don’t install them.

Hackers and cyber criminals take advantage of this weakness by exploiting computers with outdated programs in automated drive-by attacks. Many of these attacks completely bypass anti-virus software, resulting in expensive virus and malware infections.

Secure Updater supports 36 of the most common programs people have installed on their computers. Every eight hours Secure Updater silently and automatically installs the updates you need.

A Simple System to Know if You’re Safe.

Secure Updater uses a simple traffic light system to tell you if something needs to be done. When Secure Updater is installed you will see a small circular icon with the letter U in it beside your clock. The color of this icon tells you the current status of your computer’s third-party software security.

  • A red Secure Updater icon means there are updates available for your computer that Secure Updater is installing
  • A green Secure Updater icon means all available updates have been installed for your computer
  • A black Secure Updater icon means one of two things – either the Internet is down or your subscription is expired

Fully Customizable To Your Specific Needs.

There are some situations where you can’t run the latest version of a program like Java because of other compatibility issues. For example, you can’t upgrade Java at work because some other piece of company software relies on an old outdated version.

To help with these scenarios, Secure Updater allows you to select which programs it will update. When you install Secure Updater it scans your computer instantly for supported programs and then attempts to update them.

By right-clicking on your Secure Updater icon you can exempt programs from updating or even install supported programs you don’t already have. Just place a check mark in the box next to the program you want to exempt or add. You can change it again at any time.

If you are curious about exactly what Secure Updater has been up to, you can always right click on Secure Updater icon and access the log file. It’s pretty boring, but incredibly useful when and if you need it.

Secure Updater team evaluates new software updates in the same way a network administrator would. We strip away all of the toolbars and custom settings and then send the update to your computer where it is silently installed.

Supported Software

We are adding new programs regularly to the list of programs supported by Secure Updater. If you have a program you would like to see supported, please suggest it.

We presently support the following commonly installed software programs:

Mozilla Firefox
Adobe AIR
CCleaner - Defraggler
CCleaner - Speccy
Foxit Reader
Apache OpenOffice
Java 8
KeePass Password Safe
Google Chrome
Java 11
Zoom Workplace
Adobe Reader DC
Opera GX
MSI Afterburner
Google Earth Pro
Google Drive

Secure Updater also helps your computer run more quickly by eliminating the need for the multitude of third party update programs that each software maker loads every time your computer starts up.

In fact, Secure Updater uses less than 4 MB of memory in its most active state. The whole point of Secure Updater is to keep your PC safe so you can use your computer for what you want to use it for.