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Secure Updater is exactly what your computer needs to keep up to date on the most commonly installed free software programs.

We are so confident you will love Secure Updater that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Ok, so it’s a free 15-day trial. Try it, like it, and then you can buy it.

Secure Updater is $49.99 initially and then only $34.99 per year after that.
To put that in perspective, Secure Updater costs less per day than the electricity that powers your computer!

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Secure Updater also helps your computer run more quickly by eliminating the need for the multitude of third party update programs that each software maker loads every time your computer starts up.

In fact, Secure Updater uses less than 4 MB of memory in its most active state. The whole point of Secure Updater is to keep your PC safe so you can use your computer for what you want to use it for.