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Secure Updater

Silent security for your PC

The average personal computer has 12 security vulnerabilities that result from outdated versions of common third-party programs.

Secure Updater

Silent Security for Your PC

Secure Updater helps bridge the gap between your outdated software and your anti-virus protection by silently updating key programs on your computer.

Secure Updater

Secure Your PC

These vulnerabilities allow viruses and malware to sneak past your anti-virus software and infect your computer, steal your information, or use your internet connection to attack other computers or websites.

how it works

When an update is released for a common third-party program, the Secure Updater staff removes the bloatware and releases the patch as a silent and automatic update that quickly and quietly secures your PC.



Secure Updater is compatible with the most current Windows operating system.  Mac and Linux are not compatible.



Secure Updater also helps speed up your computer by eliminating the need for the multitude of third party update programs that each software maker loads every time your computer starts up.

Secure Updater doesn’t ask questions and it doesn’t install bloatware. It just works hard to close vulnerabilities silently and automatically to keep your computer and data safe.

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what our users are saying...

what our users are saying...

Amber H

Amber H.

Omaha, NE

“My personal experience with secure updater has been pretty good. I like the fact I don’t have to worry about doing updates because secure updater does it for me."

Enrique Montenegro.

Papillion, NE

"It's amazing how you computer it's up to date. I don't have to worry about new updates since I have secure updater."

Enrique Montenegro
M.D. Porter

M.D. Porter

Omaha, NE

"I have been using Secure Updater for a little over a year now and I am continually impressed by how often and quietly it updates. I don’t ever notice it until it is done and it never slows down my machine. Great product!"